It's my belief that innovative public programs, engaging interpretive experiences, and hands-on facilitation are key to the success of all museums no matter the size or subject. Creating memorable and inclusive programming for patrons ensures a legacy of learning that encourages communities to continually invest in their museums. 


I received my BA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Eckerd College. My concentration infused new media practices in light and the use of familiar materials with sewing, sound design, textile work and printmaking. 

In 2012 I earned an MA in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths, University of London. While in graduate school, my attention focused on access, interpretation and encouraging question-asking around artwork. In my research, I began to ask the following questions:

How do we use art and art practice to explore bigger concepts in our daily lives?

How can we use inquiry and project-based programs in museums to develop a personal connection to those concepts?

Can we combine other disciplines within this practice, to create fully engaging experiences for a wide array of young people?



In my career as an Independent Museum Professional, I'm really interested in finding the potential for all museums to see themselves as inherently interdisciplinary. A natural history museum has so much to show us about art. A science museum can tell us so much about history. 

Through diversifying the museum experience, and exploring a museum's collection with our hands and our imaginations, we're afforded the incredible opportunity to reflect on the content of our selves just as much as we reflect on the content of a museum.