As a consultant, my mission is to collaborate with your museum to identify areas where you might like to grow in your educational experiences, and then offer insight on how to provide exciting programs for young audiences that access your collection or exhibits through imaginative play, STEAM making, and inquiry based learning.

The foundation of my approach relies on providing custom curriculum specifically designed for your budget, your education team, your volunteers, and your patrons. Learn more about curriculum on the program guides page


Capabilities Include

  • Consultation with museums and informal learning institutions on the best practices for incorporating open-ended making experiences into their spaces.

  • Development and delivery of specialized educational experiences, program guides, and activities with an emphasis on making and tinkering.

  • Professional training for museum staff in inquiry based learning methods such as: STEM design challenges, constructivist approaches, and social emotional learning.

  • Integration of community partnerships and outreach opportunities for museums and institutions.

MaDe For You

  • As a museum advocate and previous board member of Austin Museum Partnership, I am aware of the importance of funding and of using programming as a method for securing donors, sponsorships, and volunteers.
  • I am committed to increasing diversity, accessibility and inclusion in programming, especially with under-represented populations. 
  • Social emotional learning is just as important in my practice as it is in my programs. This ensures I place a heavy emphasis on listening to the needs of clients while also keeping in mind the expectations of the communities they serve. 
  • As a specialist in 21st century learning methods, I love to focus on how museums integrate familiar materials with accessible technology. 
  • My experience as an interdisciplinary facilitator, artist, and researcher means I can curate a wide range of innovative programming that's perfect for your collection or mission. 
  • I'm a maker, and am capable of using a variety of tools and materials, from basic familiar materials to power tools and 3D printers. 
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